This one-of-a-kind cookbook is an inspirational bible and a must-have for every Big Green Egg user. With almost 1000 pages, weighing over 4kg, you’ll find more than 300 recipes and a ton of informative content. It’s a true workbook, a Modus Operandi.

It’s my biggest project so far, spanning over 1.5 years and involving more than 80 days of studio and location photography. With a massive number of images taken, it forced me to come up with a whole new workflow management system.

We chose the ‘3 steps on white’ photography to enhance the workbook feel of Modus Operandi. It worked out great, but it meant shooting every recipe in the book three times. Starting with the laydown of the raw ingredients, followed by a photograph of the recipe in its pre-Big Green Egg state, and lastly, a photograph of the cooked and ready-to-eat dish.

In addition to recipe photography, you’ll find complementary inspirational images and photo reports on various subjects.

I’ve learned a lot working on a project of this magnitude, and I want to extend a special thanks to Big Green Egg Europe for trusting me as their photographer.

  • Culinary photography, Photography reports, Portrait photography
  • Client | Big Green Egg Europe
  • Publisher | Uitgeverij Komma
  • Design | Wout de Vringer
  • Recipes | Michèl Lambermon, Hidde de Brabander, Nils Jorra
  • Editorial | Inge van der Helm
  • Year of publication | 2020
  • Pages | 904
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN | 978 94 91525 95 7