Livar, a unique player in the pork scene, transcends the ordinary. Nestled in the scenic beauty of Limburg, the Netherlands. I had the incredible opportunity, as a photographer, to capture Livar’s story against the backdrop of the historic and picturesque monastery.

Livar isn’t just about pigs and pork; it’s a narrative of purity and passion, with a commitment to society and the environment. The monastery, a symbol of tranquility and tradition, adds a distinctive charm to Livar’s ethos. Imagine Livar pigs, with their signature curly tails, frolicking in the lush surroundings and indulging in regionally grown grains, creating a unique synergy between the old-world charm and the modern approach. As Livar embraces the principles of the past and the guidelines of today, the monastery stands as a silent witness to this harmonious blend.

In my lens, I aimed to capture not just the Livar pigs but also the spirit of the monastery and the monks, immortalizing the essence of Livar’s commitment to producing top-tier, ethically sourced pork, all while paying homage to the rich history and serenity of the monastery. This collaboration of flavors, history, and environmental consciousness truly makes Livar a special and delectable experience.