Hiljo Hillebrand, a genuine baker’s son, officially delved into the baking world at sixteen, working in his father’s bakery in Rotterdam, known for its variety of bread. Over the years, Hiljo has held diverse roles, focusing on product quality, innovations, and development in various companies. Alongside his professional journey, he managed his own enterprise for a period.

Beyond his daily endeavors, Hiljo has been an active participant in baking competitions since 2015. Notable achievements include securing 3rd place at the 2009 EK Boulangerie and clinching the 4th spot at the 2021 Best of Mondial du Pain competition. In 2013, Hiljo reached the pinnacle of the baking craft, earning the esteemed title of Master Baker by impressing the jury with his exceptional knowledge and skills during the master test.

As a photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing Hiljo’s passion for baking, particularly the artistry he brings to bread-making on the Big Green Egg. The fusion of his traditional baking roots with the modern approach of utilizing this unique cooking tool adds another layer to his culinary journey. It’s a visual celebration of skill, tradition, and innovation, and I’m honored to document this delightful collaboration between Hiljo and Big Green Egg.